A Lifetime in the Making

In 2001, Olympian and International road cyclist Micheal Wilson purchased the historic vineyard at Legana. 


Micheal and Mary Wilson returned to Tasmania in 1991 after living in Italy and France for a decade. Micheal had been an Olympic cyclist and joined the professional ranks, racing in all the major European events. 
Imbued with a love of wine and food, they realised Tasmania was the perfect spot for opening a vineyard restaurant.


Somehow, Micheal found time to become a qualified viticulturist, and was vineyard manager for Moorilla Estate based at St Matthias. In 2001 they purchased the Legana Vineyard, planted so long ago, and they have since painstakingly rehabilitated the almost 50-year-old vines.

They have also built a small winery where Micheal makes the red wines, and Winemaking Tasmania produce the white wines.